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Chalk Paint®? Here’s the scoop!

Chalk Paint®?  What is it? Why use it? How durable is it?  They all are the same, Right???

Annie Sloan developed Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan 27 years ago.  Little did she know what a success or hit it would be world wide.  If you should ever meet her, you will quickly realize that Annie is all about history, color schemes and art.  Painting is second nature to her.  She glows when she is creating.  Her product is her! Timeless, easy going and laid back.  So you ask yourself, what is it? Why use it? So here you go. Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is a water based paint that is non toxic, pigmented with pure pigments, adheres to most surfaces without priming or sanding, dries quickly and most of all, you can achieve any finished look with a few simply techniques.


Kitchen Cabinets

Not a day goes by that someone either calls or stops in the store and asked about the durability of Chalk Paint®.  “Can I use it on my kitchen cabinets?” “How long will the cabinets last?” “I want to do my kitchen table but my kids use it everyday. Will it hold up?” This is just some of the questions that we get asked all the time.  Of course, it is durable.  We would not sell a product that we ourselves do not believe in.  But more so than that, we use the product on our personal décor`.


Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan Old Ochre on Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a huge investment and most are not made of hardwood anymore.  Take a hard look at your existing cabinets and you will probably fine oak, cherry, walnut or pine.  The point is – SOLID.  They just need a little TLC and some paint.  But don’t fool yourself.  Not all paints are alike.  Most paints, to adhere to your surface, need to be sanded, primed and then painted.  Not with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.  Give those cabinets a little cleaning to get that grease build-up off and start painting. We will show you how to do everything from start to finish.   Graphite on the kitchen island pictured above.  Beautiful color combination.



Table Tops

Table top

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan Graphite and Old Ochre

Table tops are just as easy and durable.  Many customers want a urethane finish to their table tops.  They feel the urethane will hold up better over time.  Urethane is a good finish and can give you a high sheen but wax is just as durable.  If we use a water based urethane on the table top, we always cover it with a coat of Soft Wax® by Annie Sloan.  Tried and true.  Soft Wax® is your friend.  Always remember, your finish can always be damaged (no matter what it is), but ask yourself, how easy is it to fix my issue.  With Annie’s Soft Wax®, most issues can be fixed with a little added wax and some buffing.  No sanding the finish off and starting over.  Water spots usually evaporate with a little time.  How often does that occur on a urethane surface?

Kids will be kids.  So pick the product that is hard to damage and easy to repair if needed. This oak dining room set was from  1983. Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan Graphite on the top of the table and chairs and Old Ochre on the bottom of the table. A SOLID piece of furniture, just needed a little color update.

So don’t be afraid to use a little color to update the look.  Beware of knock-off paints.  Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is the original and only true Chalk Paint®. Stop in anytime at our Studio located in Chickamauga. We love to share our work and help you with yours. Happy Painting! Now what are you waiting for?