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May! A Month in Review

Spring Time! Flowers! Mother’s Day! New Orleans! Graduation!

Wow! The last day of May.  How time flies.  When looking back, this month has been such a busy one with tremendous rewards. Spring Time came in with a bang.  We had flowers galore.  The garden was blooming everywhere. Hanging baskets, potted baskets, and custom planters kept us busy through Mother’s Day.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, Vera Bradley was a huge hit.  Flower Shower took the prize for the favorite pattern.  We are so thankful for all the support given to us by our customers.

Mid month came around and  Clay and I  had the privilege of traveling to New Orleans for the Annie Sloan Unfolded annual conference.  We met all of the Annie Sloan Unfolded team (our distributors for the states) and Annie Sloan and her family.  Annie proved to be the down home friendly individual portrayed in all of her videos.  She is a grandmother now, and , of course, we all got to meet Willow. There was a gleam in her eyes whenever she was around.

The conference was full of information to help us make your experience with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan the best ever.  Lets face it, your experience with her product is all that counts. She strives to make the best product on the market and in our personal opinion, it is!

The Unfolded team is moving forward to expand the knowledge of Chalk Paint®.  The paint is so versatile and incredibly durable. Be sure to check out our Chalk Paint® 101 class under the events tab.  Starting next month, we will be offering more advanced classes and bring your own piece classes.  We will work side by side the unfolded team to increase awareness of this wonderful product.

On the other side of the New Orleans trip, we got to eat some wonderful seafood and enjoy some great entertainment.  A big “THANK YOU” to the Annie Sloan Unfolded team for a great time.

The month has come to an end and so has high school for a great number of young adults in our area.  Congratulations to all of the senior class from Gordon Lee, Lafayette, Rossville, Lakeview and Ringgold.  We have had the honor of meeting many of you through our store and we wish you the best.